Public Policy and Opinion Research Professionals of the West Coast

Annual Conference

December 14-15, 2017 | San Francisco

Conference Overview

The 2017 PAPOR Conference featured two short courses and five panel discussions. To read more about these sessions, follow the Agenda button above.

Short Courses

  • Mixed Mode Surveys
  • A Guide to Conducting Web Surveys

Conference Topics

  • Sampling, Design & Analysis
  • Workshop on Partisan Criticism of Public Opinion Research
  • Plenary: The Future of General Population Telephone Surveys
  • The Public’s Views of Health Policy, Aging & Quality of Life
  • Survey Process & Best Practices
  • Populism & National Pride

Mini Conference

Now available: Presentations from the 2017 Mini-Conference

PAPOR Trail Newsletter

Now Available:

WInter 2018 PAPOR Trail Newsletter (pdf)

  • President’s Letter

  • PAPOR Conference Report

  • Student Spotlight: 2017 Student Paper Competition Winners

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  • About PAPOR

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